Veiligheid & Sekuriteit

  • Veiligheid & Sekuriteit

    • Entrance to the school is obtained through a gate with an electromagnetic lock which is under camera surveillance and monitored and controlled by the staff from inside the school.
    • Moet asseblief nie u kind vra om vir u by die hek te wag nie; ons moet weet wanneer en met wie elke kind huis toe gaan.
    • Children must be brought into the school and be left in the care of a staff member on arrival in the mornings. Please never leave your child at the gate.
    • Maak asseblief seker dat die hek agter u toe gemaak is.
    • We are clients of the Hi-Tech Security Services. The staff have panic buttons which activate a response from them within seconds.
    • Ons personeel het noodhulp 1 en 2 en 3 opleiding, om u kind se veiligheid na die beste van ons vermoë te verseker.
    • We shall not let a child go home with any person other than those appointed by you on the registration form. If this has to be, then please inform us ahead of time.
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